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We are excited to announce that we will be having a dessert auction this Saturday night during our Birthday Dance!


Funds will be raised for the next phase of club improvements.

Improvements will include vinyl lettering for the front entrance wall, texturing and painting the columns around the dance floor, crystal beaded curtains to accent the south wall facing the dance floor, new table/cabinet for dividing the entry and seating area and more!

The Church of the Journey has donated a projector to the club and we will also be raising funds to purchase a ceiling mount and cables to connect it to a laptop. This will allow the club to project messages, event dates and information, dance videos, etc. on the East wall.

July 18th During the Birthday Party Dance

  • Please have your DESSERT at the club by 8:30 p.m.

  • Mark the bottom of the container with your name

  • Please bring a container that does not have to be returned

  • Decorative containers will help the dessert bring more money!

  • Team up with dancers at your table to pool their money and have the winning bid

  • Share your purchase with your friends at your table – or take it home!

  • Cake, pie, brownies, cookies, candy, cupcakes, etc.

Do you have an amazing dessert that is known for causing a riot at family functions? Well bring it out this Saturday so that we can watch as the bids go crazy for your delectable goodies!

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