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August News

August Birthday Dance: Blast from the past!

8 pm on Saturday, August 16th $5 for members, $10 non-members

Pick a decade, dress up, bring retro foods, and dance to WCS oldies!


8/1 Jonathon Brown

8/2 Lia Woods

8/2 Sylvia Dalton

8/5 Daro Kerwood

8/10 Logan Testi

8/12 George Bauer

8/14 Brenda Sasnett

8/16 Carol Ward

8/20 Heather Autonsen

8/20 Stephanie Eastep

8/21 Jan Box

8/24 Kathie Paulsen

8/24 Allen Harris

8/25 Janet Elsener

8/25 Linda Jones

8/26 Amber Sears

8/27 Ben Clemons

8/27 Valerie Simmons

8/30 Margaret Huwar

8/31 Echo Theirjung


Isabel Beck

Jan Box

Nancy Breman

Jason Browne

Rylee Clonts

Sylvia Dalton

Melvin Deitz

Blake Dodds

Yvonne Fisher

Whitney Gregory

Mark Harrison

Cynthia Moss

Nathan Moss

Amber Sears

Tom Weichbrodt


New Dancers are considered

members for the first two

months. Then lessons increase

unless dancers pay annual

membership dues of $60.


Congratulations to Nghi Nguyen who

won First Place in Novice Strictly Swing

and placed 5th in Novice J&J at

Swingtime in the Rockies.


Please sign up on the club website so you can receive up-to-the-minute changes &

notifications from the school on any last minute cancellation of classes or dance.

Go to click on the JoinYahoo Group link.


JACKETS and T-SHIRTS are available with the club logo at the office.

T-shirts are $10, Jackets are $50

Where To Dance In OKC


Roger Hoskins and Mike Miller are

spinning the CDs every Wednesday

night from 7 to 9 pm at Friends, located

on the NW corner of Memorial & Hefner


Mid-Week Mixer Dance on

Wednesday Nights $5 includes Ballroom,

Country and Swing from 7 to 10 pm.

Smoke free CD Dance at the OKC Swing

Dance Club.

Thursdays, West Coast Swing from 7-9

pm at Chisholms, 401 S. Meridian, Stuart

Phelps as DJ.

Mark Your Calendar!

Taletha Jouzdani *** September 20, 2014

From Austin, TX, Taletha is a WCS

dance champion and professional

instructor. She is known for her ability

to create the perfect balance of

technical and playful in her

instruction. Common themes in her

workshops are musicality, creating a

balanced dance, and dance as a

conversation. Her dancing has been

described as clean, playful, sensual

and classy.

OKC Swing Club Financial Update

Here’s the Short Version of the financial update: Expenses are up, income is

down; time to turn that picture around.

Longer Version: The Swing Club has had six months this year where our

expenses exceeded our income. Obviously, we need to reverse that trend in

order to have a secure and vibrant future.

The sobering reality is that the club is $8,000 in the red for this past fiscal year.

While we have enough in the bank to cover that loss, we clearly need to make a

shift so that we are reliably operating in the black.

The board is deeply committed to getting the Swing Club on sound financial

footing and to making our club the best it’s ever been. We’ve been through

financial challenges in the past, and come through stronger than before. We are

looking at creative solutions, and trying out new ideas. The $5 beginners class

& dance on Saturday, Aug. 2nd was a great success, thanks to everyone who

invited friends, shared it on Facebook, and reached out through their


We ask you, our membership, to help bring in new people and to welcome

beginning dancers and help them to feel a part of the club. Does your workplace

have a wellness program where employees could earn points by joining a dance

class? Are you part of a young professionals group that would be interested in

something new and fun? Do you have friends who are just waiting for an

invitation to get off the couch and onto the dance floor?

Members are welcome to attend monthly board meetings and contribute to the

discussion. You can also leave comments in the comment box up front (all notes

are read at each board meeting) or to talk with board members before or after


I love WCS and enjoy dancing more than words can express. I treasure the

friendships I’ve made here. We have an amazing club and we ask for your help

in keeping it strong and healthy.

Lia Woods, newsletter editor

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