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The Challenge! December 5-7, 2014


The Challenge is a fun venue creating camaraderie and a team building spirit competition. With “the Challenge” now being a WSDC REGISTY EVENT we had to restructure our Rocks series. First let us start out by saying ANYONE can compete at “the Challenge” without being involved in a team (Rocks series). However after hearing the benefits of being on a Rocks team it will only encourage you to become a member of this exciting concept. We have invited studios/swing clubs/teachers etc. to form a Rocks team and enter the J & J and spirit competition of the Challenge. A Rocks team will consist of a minimum of 3 leaders and 3 followers in at least 3 levels or a maximum of 5 leaders and 5 followers in all 5 levels (Newcomer/Novice/Intermediate/Adv.-All Star/ Masters). Yes, we have added Masters because of many requests through out the 4 years of the Challenge. Each team leader/promoter (Rocks) will conduct a 1 or 2 day qualifier to form their team. They will also be responsible to compete in the spirit portion of event. This year we will award prize money to the winner of the spirit competition. Part of the entry fee you pay at a qualifier will go toward additional prize money at the final competition (the Challenge). So a dancer on a team has a chance to win the prize money from the Challenge promoters AND prize money from their team pool (to be determined by that team leader). If you are interested in forming a team the ONLY requirement will be to follow up your team name with “Rocks” (ie. Dallas Rocks/ Brodie Rocks/ Sandungas Rocks / D’Amico Rocks). Please let us know if you have any more questions. There are deadline requirements for team roosters and of course WSDC points.

Visit the official website for more details

Hosted by Barry Jones and Jonny Siharath

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