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September Meeting Minutes

OKC Swing Club Board Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2014

Members Present: Ben Clemons, Gail Moore, Carrie Spires, Lindsay Shaw, John McCarthy, Lia Woods, Rhonda Corley O’Meara. Absent: Alison Derrick

Club Members Present: Morgan Cook, Lynette/Donnie Ainsworth

Meeting called to order at 4:02 pm by President, Ben Clemons.

Minutes: The July minutes were sent by email and approved.

Treasure’s Report: John reported a good lesson income for the month with everything else remaining the same.

Activities/Calendar: Talked about getting the calendar prepared two months in advance. Corrections made to calendar.

Dance Committee: Rhonda discussed having a Bedlam/Chili contest theme for September birthday dance and October theme to be Black Out dance. The Halloween dance will be on Friday the night of Halloween. Rhonda will check on having a DJ when Taletha Jouzdani is here. Talked about getting flier about Taletha for calendar.

Calling/Communication Committee: There was discussion on how to distribute the newsletter, possibly using email or facebook. Talked about using MailChimp to send mass email for a month and see if it works.

State Competition: Will be having meeting in September regarding competition.

Redecorating: Lindsey reported individual monetary donations received of $915.00. The swing club has contributed $1500.00 and Ballroom $1,000.00. Discussed asking club members to contribute to redecorating. We need more funds for wall decor, lights, and decorations. There was discussion of options for lighting/poles.

Old Business: Mickey will purchase a fan from Amazon. Talked about the flood lights, they are no longer being made and will have to be replaced with CFL/LED lights.

New Business:

A couple of complaints re: e-cigarettes were reported. Talked about the need for more buttons. Discussed sending surveys to new members after 3 months of dancing. Morgan will set up with survey monkey.

Membership Committee: Vice president looking for volunteers for membership committee.

Discussed the new member event groupon and when we want to do, possibly January (the new year).

Meeting adjourned at 5:36 pm.

Next board meeting will be Sunday, October 19th, 2014 at 4 pm.

All members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

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