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July Meeting Minutes

OKC Swing Club Board Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2014 at 4 pm

Members Present: Ben Clemons, Alison Derrick, Lonnie Johnson, John McCarthy, Gail Moore, Mickey

O'Dell, Paul Ramirez, Lindsay Shaw, Lia Woods, plus Sue Read

Minutes: The June minutes were read and accepted as written.

Treasurer's Report: John passed out copies of the year to date spreadsheet. Much discussion took place

due to decreasing income. July and August tend to be the worst months due to vacations and summer

activities. Insurance is due in September.

Director's Report: Paul is working on renting out space for groups and private lessons.

Calendar: Alison is working on the August 2nd $5 workshops with the Mercy Wellness group and any

other people we can get to attend. We currently have in place the incentive that if 2 new members sign up

on the same month, the person bringing them gets a free month of lessons.

Dance Committee: Lonnie is making plans for the Taletha Jouzdani workshop, September, 20, 2014.

We had a very good attendance at the birthday party last night.

Communications: Lia has been doing a great job of incorporating pictures into the newsletter. She

appreciates pictures and articles being sent to her for the publication.

Redecorating: Mike Fetters volunteered to paint the main room the 4th week of August. Ballroom has

pledged $1000 toward the redecorating. Each group will take an individual classroom to paint. The

decoration closet and back classroom will be cleaned out.

State Committee: Alison is setting up committees to help with State. Will schedule a meeting soon.

The comment box is emptied, read, and discussed at each meeting.

New Business: Discussed quarterly meetings where members from all the different groups would be

encouraged to attend. Discussion re: how to reach new members. The group-on has been successful in the

past so Sept and Oct. would be a great time to offer that again. Senior Adult Centers, Company Wellness

programs, and the Paseo Plaza demos were some of the things discussed. Agreed that a membership

committee should be established.

David Schrock has been contacted to update the computer system. The website needs to be updated.

Mickey stressed the importance of all board members learning to close out the front desk. She will make a

manual with step by step instructions.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35pm

Next board meeting will be Sunday, August 17th, 2014 at 4 pm.

All members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

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